Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Boy had a Birthday!

So my little guy turned one...wipe tear. I think Ava was probably the most excited. We decorated with a banner and balloons and I made a fire truck cake (that I am very proud of by the way, especially for my first cake done this way). Ava would accept that it was Christian's birthday, but still thought all the presents were hers. We had a fun day. We went out to lunch, then came home and ate LOTS of cake! Here are the highlights...
My masterpiece

They were both ready to pounce.

He really scarfed the cake. I remember Ava eating the frosting, but not getting too much cake. We had to take away the last little bit of his cake because he was downing it and we thought his little body would go into sugar shock...he was quite wired the rest of the night!

The cutest SUPERMAN I've ever seen...thanks Ken!


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I am so proud of your cake skills...nice job, it's adorable. Happy Birthday to Christian! Crazy he's one!!!