Friday, June 13, 2008

Mervyns Model

Check out your local Mervyn's ad sometime this weekend and you might be lucky enough to see this cute little girl. She had so much fun doing this photoshoot. He daddy had her prepared for the best day of dress up ever. Sure enough as they put her in her clothes and did her hair and make up she kept saying, "Mom, this is so fun, daddy is going to be so excited." You can also see the pic by going to, the to "today's ad", go into the father's day ad and you'll see the little cutie.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

happy happy happy happy

happy happy (belated) bIrThDay!!

love you babe. this song is for you.

oh, you too jon (not the song, nor the babe;])

Muir Woods, Grandma and Papa, and Camping, and Birthday cake

I am finally getting around to posting a few recent pics. Over Memorial day Grandma Nancy and Papa Dan came for a quick visit. It was a nice weekend. We went up to Muir Woods to walk through the Redwood trees. I can't cease to be amazed by those trees, they are so beautiful, tall and strong.

Ty, Ava and Christian inside of a Redwood.
I couldn't help but post these funny faces of Christian's while walking through the Redwoods. This past weekend since Ty got all new camping stuff for his birthday we decided to try it all out. We went up to Lehi Park for a night. It was so much fun, I can't wait to go again. The kids were in heaven! We will probably be cleaning dirt out of Christian's nose and fingernails for the next month.
The picture below cracks me up. It is hard to tell but we taught Christian to "warm up his hands," so he would hold them out to the fire like this.
So like I said, it was Ty's birthday on Sunday. Monday I found Christian in the front room with this...
"Yummy birthday cake daddy!"

My sleeping beauty.
Christian decided he wanted to start feeding himself, or at least helping in the! You think you can see oatmeal all over him, but you can't even see his shorts...they're a mess let me assure you. :) I love this stage.