Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So you may recall about a month ago I posted about how I was SO excited to come home. Well, now, a month later my vacation is coming to an end and I am leaving to go to my own home back in california. It is so funny, I am somehow feeling the same way I did before I came. I did what I came to do, and had a total blast. Thanks for all the fun everyone! I am ready to go. It is amazing how things to do slowly pile up while you are away. Plus, I found out we are going to be moving out of our house. So it looks like I am going to be packing when I get home, but that is a totally separate story for another day...(I hate renting!!!) But I am the MOST excited to see Tyler again! I don't like being away from him. I will miss all of the playing with friends and cousins! Ava will not know wht to do with herself! But I can't wait to be rid of the uneasy feeling I have every night going to sleep in a big bed without Ty! It will be so nice to see him, especially on this special day...our anniversary! Yup...4 years of marital bliss! :) I love you babe! I promise when I get home I will start catching up on the month that I missed of blogging! I have TONS of pics to share with you all and an amazing NYC trip to tell you all about.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bear Lake Trip

I decided I better start catching up on my blog or I will have WAY too much to do when I get home. First, our Bear Lake Trip the weekend Ty came into town.

We had so much fun at the cabin. It is so beautiful there. It was nice to have some time away, just our little family.

The cabin has the most beautiful view of the lake!

We took the kids to the pool, which was a heck-of-a lot warmer than the water would have been!

Despite the look on Christian's face, he actually loved the water!

Do they look exactly the same in this picture or what!?

Gotta keep tradition...throwing pancakes off the cabin deck. Ava is a natural!


This would be Ava on the gorgeous lime green counter...classic!

On our way home we stopped in at great grandma Kearl's. She was great with kids! Ava kept calling her Papa Jim's mommy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Heading to the BIG City...NYC!

Let me start off by saying Christian DIDN'T repeat the 9 hour night...NUTS!!! But I can't help but still love him!

So, in my spare time here in Utah I am trying to plan our trip to New York! We aren't going for a few weeks, but I am quite excited. Of course we are doing all the is my first time there! But I want help! So let me know of some of your favortie NYC stops. You know the quaint little cafe's, your favorite streets to shop or just walk, or just cool things to see. I know I have a couple New Yorkers out there, so I want the inside scoop. Come on...fill my itinerary!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Christian slept 9 hours...I am a new woman!!!

We Made It!

Well we made it to Utah! My little kiddies were angels on the flight...thank goodness! Christian slept most of the time and Ava was great. For the first 20 minutes she had to inform everyone that we were on an airplane! Then as we took off she says, not so quietly, "I flying!" It was so funny. So we got in and went straight to Lisa's shower, which was darling. Then Saturday was filled with visiting ALL our cousins. Ava was in HEAVEN!! Then I had so much fun seeing my cute friends and darling kids at a little BBQ up the canyon. Natalie...I NEED your recipe for the raspberry cupcakes!! I have craved them since Saturday! Then with Sunday came church and a full day of cousins! We are loving being here, even though we miss Daddy a ton! Ava has only asked for him 500 times! We left on his birthday, which we celebrated on Thursday and Ava has not stopped singing "Happy Birthday to you, Daddy". Anyway, we miss you and hope you are having "fun" in Atlanta. We can't wait to see you!