Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Boy is Growing Up

I am constantly amazed at how different everything is with the second child, proof of their individuality I guess. Well yesterday I had the nesting itch...big time. So I headed to the mall to pick up the new baby's bedding and came home to redo the house! I moved all of Ava's things into her new room (consisting of her QUEEN bed) and organized the soon-to-be boys room. I took apart the crib bedding and got Christian's new toddler bed ready. Ready or not little buddy! But both kids were super excited to sleep in their respective "big beds", that was until bedtime actually came. We thought we would put Ava down first to show Christian how she could sleep in her big bed. By the time we got him to his bed he was ticked that Ava was elsewhere. After a few minutes we had to lay him down, run out of the room and close the door. I know we sound like horrible parents. He, of course ran to the door and cried. It only lasted about 3 minutes, then there was silence. The question being was he right behind the door or actually in his bed. After a safe amount of silence we checked and he was fast asleep in his bed. YAY Christian! By morning we found him here, but I think this happen at about 6am...not bad little buddy.

Ava on the other hand was so excited she couldn't sleep for the first hour, then ended up on the floor next to our bed half way through the night. Wish me luck, and peaceful sleeping tonight.


The pumpkin patch, always a joy. The kids loved it. Ava loved the pony ride, which Christian hated. Christian loved the train ride and the ducks and other animals. They both loved the pumpkins and the pumpkin pie.

Making Halloween cookies was so fun this year, mostly because Ava made some classic faces on her pumpkins.

Fololi Gardens

Grandma and Papa Kearl came into town over Conference weekend and we got to do some really fun stuff. We went to Fololi Gardens which was beautiful.

Dalia's are my favorite and these were HUGE and beautiful.

Christian and Papa, bonding.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Laguna Beach

The Fam at San Juan Capistrano

We went to Laguna Beach on a Sunday so we told the kids we couldn't get in the water. They had a blast running in and out as the waves came. They were soaking wet when we were done.

My first posting of a belly shot...I think I have doubled in size since this picture a few weeks ago.
Christian finally daring to walk on the gritty sand.

We have some GREAT video of the trip. I can't figure out how to post video on my blog (and don't have time to spend on it, unfortunately) but we have them all downloaded to our smugmug site for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ava Art

Ava absolutely loves to spend her time drawing on the sidewalk, or her playhouse, or her brother. Here is some of her latest artwork...we're so proud!

Above is a picture of Christian as a baby and below is a picture of Christian now.
Christian after kissing a picture.

This is grandma Nancy and papa Dan...notice the difference in hair!

Nancy Turns the BIG 6-0

We spent the first weekend of September in Utah for my mom's big 60th birthday bash. I wish I would have gotten more pics of the set up and food, because I think it turned out really cute. But I did get a few pics of Ava with her cousins. It was great to let her go outside to play and have her stay content for hours!

All the grandkids except Christian...he was crying on my lap right next to everyone.
Look at my hot mama on the cover of the book. Gotta love old pictures.
Ava got to spend a few days with her cousin Anna that lives in Prague. They had so much fun and loved each other. Ava still tells me she misses Anna.

Christian and his wing

Thanks for everyones concern about Christian's little arm. Kids are so resilient it hardly phased him after the first few days. Although after a follow up with the Orthopedic doc and reviews of the x-rays we found out that he has also broken his other collarbone at some point in his life. We have no idea when. What a tough little guy.

Gotta love that laughing face!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guess where we've been...

and we loved it!

maybe one of these days I'll get on top of it and update for the last month!