Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cousin Carter

So it looks like we go to the beach daily, but my 10 year old nephew came into town for the few days before Easter for his spring break. Here are some pics from the Tide pools at Moss Beach. No sea stars this day, just crab, sea urchins and little fish, but we still had a blast. Ava misses Carter already. The other day she woke up and said, "Mom, I am still upset that Carter got out of the car." I think she means that he left.

This look from Ava is so funny to me.

Throwing rocks in the water.
I'll post some Easter pics as soon as I get them from my bro-and-sis-in-law (hint, hint).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I had one of my first real "MALE" experiences the other day when I was changing Christian in the car. He was diaperless, the door was open and he was standing, facing me. Suddenly, it went off and when I say it, I mean IT. Initially "the stream" was hitting me, but I simply grabbed it and pointed it out the door...beautiful, although that "stream" that passers by saw flowing out my door may not have been. I am assuming that this is only an introduction to a whole new world...lucky me.

A little flour, A little fun

We made some sugar cookies the other day. Ava wanted to eat the dough all day long, but Christian was content with just the flour. It was fun...but quite messy. I guess I should have cleaned my kitchen AFTER, but oh well.

A little snip, snip

We took Ava to lollipop cuts the other day for her first BIG HAIRCUT. She loved it. They put a little clip in her hair and during the day it came out of her hair and she kept saying, "Mom, I lost my haircut." It looks really cute, but I am a little sad. I can't do quite as much with it. She did let me blow it dry the other day. Now I can't decide if I should keep it like this or grow it out.
Here's Christian, just because he's cute.
I realize Ava looks incredibly sad in this picture, but it shows her hair a little more.

My niece

Ava's cousin is only 2-3 months older than her and they really are such good friends...when they are together. The problem is that is seldom. Anna lives in Prague. So my sister emailed this to me. I thought it was cute!

"I don't know where this came from but Anna loves to stick her head in the washmachine and yell for Ava. She does it almost daily, and she always waits for a response."

I laughed pretty hard.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Well, we found something we hadn't done in the area while my parents were in town. About 20 minutes south of Half Moon Bay is a lighthouse called Pigeon Point. It really is a beautiful area. While we were there we saw about 6 whales go by. They were pretty far out there, but we could see them blowing water into the air. We saw one's body as it came up, but it was so far away you could barely tell. It was pretty amazing. Apparently in April and May the whales come real close to the lighthouse with their babies. So we are planning a trip back in a few weeks. After the lighthouse we went up the street to a little beach to let the kids play by the water.

Grnadma Nancy and Papa Dan

Christian loved the sand and water. We couldn't let him play too much or he would have eaten the sand and jumped right in the water.

Three weeks... how long Ava thinks her birthday lasts. We might be in trouble next year. It started with Christian's birthday, which she halfway thought was her own. Then we had her party with friends. Then the family party with the Kearl's. Then my parents came into town and we did it all over again. We decided to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's...they loved it. Here are a couple pics
Ava's favorite present was the little camera from grandma Nancy and Papa Dan. She sleeps with it every her backpack.
Christian loves his little car and bugs.

Uncle Maclain: Part 2

Could Ava ask for a better friend to have around? He even let her paint his fingernails. She is having serious withdrawals.

Sunday, March 2, 2008



yes, 3 years old. Saturday was a fun day of celebrating with family for Ava's birthday. Jon and Sara came over for a little bbq. Sara spent the morning basking in the sun while reading stories to Ava.
Then came present, presents, and more presents...from grandma. She just seemed to keep pulling out another box or bag. thanks grandma ;) Here is one of the favorites...a princess castle.
Jon and Sara gave Ava a fish that she has now named "Buba". She loves it as you can see. Although Christian gets so excited every time he sees it. He reaches up to the counter where the fish is so that I will pick him up and let him see it.

I can't believe my kiddos are getting so big. I no longer have a "baby"...I guess that means it is time for another (wink, wink)

A Princess Party

Ava invited 5-6 friends over for a little birthday party on Friday. All the sweet gals came decked in princess attire. Ava had so much fun and loved all her presents.

Trying to get a picture of a few 3 year olds... :)
In the middle of the party they grabbed hands and just started dancing.

Pleased as punch!

Uncle Maclain

A friend of Ty's from high school came into town for a film festival that his movie was in. He camped out in my work room on the blow up mattress since the extra bed was being used by grandma. Well, I think Ava is hooked. She now has a new morning routine...Run outside to the back room to wake up Maclain, drag him inside to eat breakfast with us in his jammies, and go grab a pile of books to have him read to her. I think we are in trouble for a couple reasons...first, I don't think we will ever be able to retell the creative stories Maclain made up for the books that had a few too many words for a 3 year old, and second, I KNOW we will never succeed in attempts to create the greatest voices for every character and sound effect in "click clack moo". Maclain, you are the greatest. Come stay at our house anytime, festival or not!

this feeling...

Some how this week my son's high chair seemed to be free of it's ordinary stickiness and crumbs. As my feet wandered through my kitchen they weren't plagued with crumbs. Dishes seemed to obey my silent command and wash themselves. My stianless steel sink even seemed...stainless. Wow, I think I like this feeling...

thanks grandma {boy I bet you're pooped}.

we love you!

Rancho San Antonio

After another trip to Rancho San Antonio I have once again come to the conclusion that we are SO loVeD. Why else would God make such beautiful surroundings? We took Grandma Kearl up on the little hike with us to the farm and took a few pictures along the way. Can we say beautiful, and this time I am talking about the kiddos ;)
Christian could not get enough of the animals. He just walked along the fence pointing at the goats, chickens or whatever was on the other side of the fence.