Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forbes Avenue

We said goodbye to our life on Forbes Avenue last Friday. What a sad day. We sent all our belongings in this...
to be reunited with us across the country in a few months.

We are going to miss California SO much. I shed many tears as we left this place, for many reasons.
The weather, oh, the weather.
The beauty. So green, so many trees. Just beautiful.
The convenience. Any store I want, so close.
This list could go on and on, but the real reason I shed tears...
The people.
Hands down the most wonderful friends. We have experienced a lot the last five years and these "people" are who have been there with us.
Helped us,
Laughed with us/cried with us,
Raised our children with us,
Taught us,
Partied with us (I have pictures to prove it coming soon),
They have been our family and I LOVE them.

The only comfort I have is knowing I will be back with them in a few years. So no one go moving on me! Oh, and the visits (a 5 hour flight isn't too bad).

We did a visit to NJ this week. I felt like I went to another country...so different! more to come on that!