Thursday, February 14, 2008

DAY 12:

I LOVE sisters!

So I should know all about sisters, I do have 4 of them. I am fascinated by the wonderful relationships that sisters can have. Girls have so much emotion that goes into relationships that it makes them all the stronger. I love that I have a sister 12 years older than me, that technically grew up babysitting me, who now are great friends. We share our experiences with each other and learn from each other. I find great examples from each of my sisters. Juli is patient and tender, Lisa is service oriented and go-go-go (energizer bunny) , Amanda is always up for a good time and thoughtful, Amber is organized and has amazing strength. I could list things about my wonderful sisters all day. I really enjoy my relationship with each of my sisters Thanks girls :)

P.S. My brother is pretty cool too, just for dealing with all of us...among other reasons.

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Amanda said...

Thank you Lou. I love you too!