Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Poor Little Buddy

We had a confirmation last night...
Christian cannot fly.

As I was building a fort out of blankets throughout my front room I looked over just in time to see Christian falling backwards off of their little play table. The result, a broken collarbone, which thus results in not a whole lot of fun, for him OR me! He has to where a sling, which he hates. He still tries to use his arm and ends up crying everytime.

Last night at almost 10pm when Ty FINALLY got home from Urgent care with Christian. He was so zonked, with his sucker that hadn't even been licked!

What I've been up to...

Sorry for the long absense...please let me explain.

I used to tell people that I don't really work, I just run a little business out of my home. Well, I'd like to change that statement. Yes, I work, but I get to work from home. I am grateful for this because I still get to spend all the time with my kids, but when they go to bed...I work. I love my job. I get to meet wonderful moms and their cute little kids. I also feel like I get to use a little creativity here and there which is nice. Anyway, the pictures below show my life, consistently for the last few months. TILES...everywhere. Although, this is my favorite stage of the process, they are finished, they just need a bow.

But it does make it all worth it when you have one of these beauties to give to an excited new mom.
Little Cooper (not so little actually for 4 weeks old) is my friends cute boy.Ava and Aaron...adorable twins
Matthew is also a twin, his little sister was among the smallest babies I've done.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We say Goodbye, and we say HELLO!

I'm pretty sure it is downhill from here on out, but if all areas of my life increase in ease, comfort, pure joy (on the part of the kids at least) then I am willing to embrace it. With our third little child coming in a few months we had no choice but to say goodbye to my 4-Runner (and free ourselves of an incredible gas hog!) So my pride slowly diminished until I figured out after only a few days of hauling my kiddos around that...

I LOVE my new VAN!

Please still be my friend. Not because I drive a mini-van, but because I like it :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ava's words

Ava has really been cracking me up lately. Here are a few recent laughs I've had.

Morning is my favorite time to go outside lately. So I enjoy taking the kids for a walk around our beautiful neighborhood. As we walk little miss friendly has to make sure she says hello to every person she sees and pets every animal she sees. Today as we walked we came upon an older man in his yard without his shirt on. Ava yells,

"Hi NAKED Man!"

He didn't seem to hear her that time so she yelled lounder until he did. The nice man just smiled and said hello.

We were swimming at a pool nearby a few weeks ago and there was a nice middle-aged woman there who happened to be wearing a two-piece swimsuit. Ava had a nice conversation with her, it went something like this:
Ava: "Why are you showing your tummy?"
Woman: "Well, umm...I wanted to get some sun on it."
Ava: "Oh, my mommy doesn't show her tummy. She has a baby in it and the baby would fall out so she has to keep her tummy covered."

We took Ava to my ultrasound on Tuesday thinking she would understand a little more and enjoy seeing the new baby. She was great and when the doctor pointed out his head she pointed out the baby's eyes. When the doctor finally said, "Well, it is a Boy." Ava's first words were, "But I want it to be a girl baby." (I think she is accepting the fact of a boy a little better now, but still mentions this from time to time.) A few minutes later at the appointment she said, "Mom, when are they going to put the cream on my tummy and look at my baby elephant?" Ever since watching Dumbo about a month ago she has been telling me about this baby elephant in her tummy. I asked her if she thinks that the stork in Dumbo is going to bring our baby to us...she hasn't quite decided yet.

Last night, before bed Christian was playing with Ava's sunglasses during songs. When we were ready for bed Ava took the sunglasses, assurring me that she would put them someplace safe for the night. I got a small glance of her stuffing them under her pillow. About 15 minutes later I walked by their room to see this...

Fast asleep with her sunglasses on.

What a personality this little 3 year old has. I love it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So much for motherly intuition...

I was pretty much certain this little sea monkey inside me was a little girl from day one. Well folks...IT'S A BOY! Take a look for yourself.

It may look small in this picture but take my word for it, it wasn't.

Now, will he look like his brother, sister, or neither? Either way he's a cute little sea monkey isn't he?

And lastly, how many toes can you see? I see 5 on his left, but I'm not certain the 6th isn't hidden.

Hooray! We know what it is. It makes it seem a little more real. Now we just have to wait out the next 1/2 of the pregnancy.

P.S. We are in serious need of help with names...I fear this child will be nameless for a long while. So any favorites would be greatly appreciated.