Sunday, March 13, 2011

The chaos of my life

1.  The foot.  The blasted foot.  Well, it is healing.  We said "goodbye" to the hard cast and crutches and "hello" to the walking cast.  Tyler had high hopes of also saying goodbye to the walking cast at his appointment yesterday, but instead he gets to enjoy 5-6 more weeks of it.  What a joy :) 
Here is a lovely piece of stapled meat for you (sorry phone pic).
2. Christian turned 4.  He is turning into a boy.  I think 4 is going to be a good age for this kid.  He took a few friends bowling and had a blast.  He called uncle Gog to thank him for his cool birthday card.  After thanking him, he immediately asked him to send him a present.  :)
3.  Ava turned 6.  She had SPA party.  Since she is incapable of keeping her mouth shut about such a party, we had 15 six year olds at our house for the party.  Seriously. 15 screaming six year
The facial station.  So, six year olds don't care for facials much.  After the first two girls went and one almost dry-heaved and the second (Ava) started crying with it on her face, we quickly switched to foot rubs...which they loved and they still got to put cucumbers on their eyes.
The party crew in their jammies.
mid facial...relaxing.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the nail salon...but it was dang cute!
Below were the two boys that the girls tried to scare away by yelling "make up" and teasing that they would put make up on them.
4.  Haircuts.  We were all due for a haircut.  We took Ava in on her birthday and she chopped off nearly 5 inches.  Tyler cut both boys hair.  This was Bennett's first time getting a cut on the top of his head.
He looks so handsome with it short.  I love it.
5.  Charlie.  Our newest family member.  Tyler has informed me that he counts as my 4th.
We have been thinking about getting a puppy for a long time and the kids birthday seemed like a good excuse.  So we loaded up on a Friday night and drove to Brooklyn to Puppy City.  Once we got there there was no turning back.  We found this little Shih-Tzu.  He is a golden color all over rather than being two different colors (like normal).  We found that very cute.  He has such a great demeanor for kids.  He gets tortured by my kids and still just loves them and plays with them.  He lets Bennett carry him by his neck and even do the wheelbarrow with him (we try to discourage both).

Besides these minor things, we've been working a little on the house and yard, which I hope to show someday.  But that's all for now.