Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I Know Now

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Ty is great, except for the fact that I Very exposed. And slightly embarrassed, but heck, we're all friends right ;).

The week was crazy, so I was really looking forward to my b-day, but even more so to a 4 day weekend to spend with Ty. Well, expectations are Satan's tool. Satan's tool for making me one ornery chica. Does anyone recall this? Tyler's company managed to do it again, without me this time (not nearly as cool). Thursday evening Tyler called to "ask" if he could head to Madrid for 2 weeks for work...on Monday. He was super excited so I tried to be too (I love 2 weeks alone with my kiddos without the husb each night. really.) So at about 10pm that night we find out that his passport somehow expired a couple months ago (we both swear we checked this recently). So we then found out that Tyler would be spending all of Friday (my bday and the first day of our 4 day weekend) in San Francisco at the passport agency. But we did get to go out that night thanks to my AWESOME friends J&J and H&J for helping with our kids and for making me a cake. Ava was VERY concerned who was going to be making my cake. So the weekend continued with a jam packed saturday of preparing for international travel and a BYU football game, of course. Then I dropped Ty off at the airport early this afternoon. What an awesome 4 day weekend with Ty, thus I say, "expectations are Satan's tool!"

K- done with that. And my birthday wasn't so bad Ty gave me the cutest necklace that you can see in the pic below. Each charm has one of our kids names on it. i love it.

(phone pic)
Now, after a post like that I realized that thank heavens I have learned A LOT through those memories. Here are just a few things I have learned...
1. I really was a cute 4 year old.

2. Boyfriends are lame in high school. No one could have told me this then, of course. Uh, no offense, Mike and Skyler, since I am sure I am on your google reader, we had good times.

3. If you do have a boyfriend in HS (or not, for that matter) don't be so scantly clad.

4. Volleyball is not life, but it is REALLY cool. It did a lot for me:
  • kept me out of trouble
  • taught awesome lessons like commitment, work ethic, how to be a good competitor
  • made me experience a smorgasbord of feelings: pain (physical and emotional), pressure, pride, success, nerves, stress, joy, excitement, accomplishment and it made me work through all of those feelings.
  • it pushed me to my limits and when i got there it pushed me to find new ones.
  • it gave me some of my greatest friendships. experiencing those feelings with other people can really bring you together.
  • it is still a part of who I am. A part that I would like to find again.

5. Just because you are 18 and free does NOT mean you should wear a bikini. Next time around, listen to your mom when she kindly tells you that she thinks you look better in a one piece. (Note: Ava) But BTW mom, thanks for letting me make that decision, because even though I don't like the choice I made, I'm not sure I would have known that without making the decision for myself.

6. If you do decide to wear a bikini...BURN all evidence, unless you look REAL good, better keep those for your after baby goal pics.

7. Who came up with Glamour shots for your Senior pictures? This was never a good idea.

8. My wedding was complete awesomeness. I loved it.

9. My kids ARE beautiful.

10. I'm happy with where this life has brought me. I guess there were some good decisions along the way.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog hijacking by Ty - HAPPY B-DAY Lindsey!!

Today Lindsey turns 27 years old...two years past the blessed age of 25 and 2 years away from the immortal age of 29. Enjoy a walk down memory lane...

Lindsey has always been super cute

She has been through some boy years...

Some volleyball years (UVSC and BYU)...

Some scandalous years...

Some glamorous years...

She finally settled down...
Had some beautiful kids...

Started her own successful business...

and on and on!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Love, Ty

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too Early?

...for some Little Caesars??

Hey, I started with some crazy bread, but the next day Christian shared a whole cold slice. He loved it!
so many cute boy!

While the older two kids run amuck, Bennett and I have some nice bonding time every Friday night at Daddy's soccer games. Good times.