Thursday, February 14, 2008

DAY 13:

I LOVE mY kIddOs :)

Oh Man, oh man, I must admit that I have the greatest, cutest kids in the world...of course, every parent SHOULD think that! I am absolutely amazed at how much love you can have in your heart for to little munchkins!

First of all, Ava. Sometimes I think it is hard to deal with a 2, almost "3 for my birthday" year old, then she just opens her mouth and says the funniest things and I forget all about it. The girl pretends to be shy for about 2 minutes then can't contain her bubbly personality any longer and is instantly friends with everyone...I don't know where she got this odd trait;) She loves her daddy so much and waits at the window for him each night. His arrival is then met with screams, hugs and kisses. I can't believe the little girl she is turning into. I LOVE her and just want to enjoy every minute.

My little chubby love. Christian is so much fun right now. Almost one, almost walking and the sweetest thing in the world. Ty and I tell each other every night how stinkin cute he is. We have called him happy feet pretty much since day 1, because when he is excited he kicks his feet like crazy, which seems to be quite frequent. He loves to give kisses, which has just started to include a little pucker followed by open mouth. My climber is all boy, getting into everything and always wanting a car or truck in his hand. I remember being excited for Ava to turn one, but I don't think Christian should be that old yet :( I love the little bug though!

P.S. The picture of Ava and the picture of Christian on the bottom were taken by my talented friend Alie.


Tracy said...

Had so mcuh fun with your kiddos today. That little buddy warms my heart. Let's do it again! :)

Lindsey Lee said...

So cute linds...They grow up WAY too fast. You better start on #3.

Amanda said...

We love them too. They are too cute. I feel the same about Sammy as you do about Ava. Sometimes I just look at him and think, "you are so darn cute".

It's amazing how you think you can't possibly have any more room in your heart to love more, because you love them so much. But then you have number 3 and it's as if your heart grew to make more room for more love. Children really are the best!

Gilly Funk said...

I totally loved your countdown to v day. How precious are your kids? Me and josh feel the same way about our littlest boy, he just seems so precious and so sweet and cute. I also love when they start saying the cutest things, between the whines and the tantrums a good laugh is always needed.