Monday, February 11, 2008

DAY 9:


Music is the greatest. I am so far from being musically talented it is comical, BUT I am extremely talented at listening to music, just ask my IPOD :) I am amazed at how much music can do. I enjoy how music can change moods or at least enhance them. There is nothing like belting out music at the top of your lungs in a car by yourself (or not by yourself- I knew it was love when Ty and I could do this together while dating :)) Music can teach wonderful things. I am in awe watching Ava learn things twice as fast when put to music. It can also make you more patient, loving, and happy. Sometimes music conveys emotions in a way that otherwise wouldn't be heard. So for today, I love music!

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Tracy said...

I am a total music person. I could create a soundtrack for my life. I think the karaoke mics are calling our we can show just how much we like music! :)