Monday, February 11, 2008

DAY 10:


So if there is anyone who is doubting the "happiest place on earth" we need to have a talking. I love Disneyland. Maybe it is because I grew up going all the time. I think it is the magic that captures my childlike heart. I honestly can't help but smile as I walk, or perhaps run from land to land. The thrill of bringing to life that which is only in movies is captivating, although I remember the year that "Pirates" suddenly looked fake and I thought, "when did they change this?" Maybe I love it so much because I can feel like a kid again. I am already so excited to go in September :)

These pics are from Disneyland when I was a little girl, that is me in the stroller because I am not in the first one, it is of my siblings but way too funny to not post. Get a load of those clothes!

The rest of the pics are of our new families adventures at Disneyland.


The LeRoy's said...

I'm with you! I love Disneyland. It's the best place on earth and I love feeling like a kid again too! It's just fun to relive it in Kesley's eyes!

cassi said...

I think it is such a happy place too! Even just the other day I was asking Nick when we get to go and take our kids- ok so it may be a while before we get out there, but still, it's fun to think about!

cassi said...

Oh, and how could I not comment on those shorts on your siblings! Too funny!

Tracy said...

I'm with you there sister! I feel very "safe" talking to you about Disneyland b/c you don't think I am crazy or obssessed. :) So are we busting our guts this Labor Day at the "land" for the big run??

Amanda said...

Those pictures are too funny. What was Mom thinking letting us out of house like that. The styles may have been different, but I don't even match. Maybe I picked out my own outfit. Goes to show you how fashion savy I am. Do you ever wonder if our kids will look back on their pictures and think, "My mom was nuts dressing me like that"? Sammy will for sure, because he has to pick out his outfit everyday and right now he thinks any striped shirt matches with his pants that have stripes down the side.

We can't wait for Disneyland. Kimball has already started talking about it. He's saving up his money to buy a light saber. I'm hoping he'll forget by the time we go, but I doubt it. What week are you guys going to go? We'd like to be there around the same time, so we at least overlap for a few days.

Love you!