Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Boy... growing up on me.
I am so lucky to have Christian in my life. He is some serious fun! He gives the very best snuggles. He has a huge heart and truly loves the people close to him (like his wubby, nama, and of course mom and dad). And we love you too little buddy. Happy Birthday! Let's take a little walk down memory lane.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. Bennett

notice no hair on top...plenty around the sides :)
mr. bennett learned to giggle. i love it. i'll try to get it on video. until then, a cute pic to satisfy. he has also inherited his papa dan's hair. awesome. love you papa.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Number 11, 12, 13, and 14

11. Bennett

This guy is awesome. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. It is so fun to see his already developing attributes. I can't wait to see how his personality evolves and . I love his sweet lips and his chubby arms that are covered in baby fuzz. I'm so lucky to have this guy in my life from here on out.

(photos taken by Meghan Macaskill)
12. Christian

This little guy makes me smile. He's hard not to love.

13. Ava Mae

She's crazy. I think that is why we love her so much.

14. Ty

Of course I have to include my main squeeze for my Vday "loves". What's not to love.

Love Number 10

10. Time

there is just not enough of it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Number 9

9. Modern Medicine

Not just because I recently had half of my body numbed so that I could enjoy the first moments of my child's life, but more importantly, yes MORE importantly, because of the medicine I got for Bennett. He has not been an extremely happy baby thus far. Out of the blue, he would cry out in pain all the time. I felt like something was wrong (although I don't think I would have if he were my first child). Turns out, he has acid reflux...poor guy. So we got him on his medicine and the RIGHT dose for the large child and voila...a happy baby. He is 6 weeks old and a couple days ago he just laid in his bassinet for about an hour, as happy as can be. This was the first time he has done that (being awake) in his short life. I am so happy he feels better and can show me his cute little smile all the time now.

Love Number 8

8. Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

It is rediculous that this is making the list but I think about them about as much as I do the others so I guess that is proof. I've never been one for McDonalds. In fact, up until a year or two ago I had eaten there since I partied with Ronald himself at my 4th birthday party. So a few weeks ago I tried to avoid nastiness of their menu and went straight for this, which I was skepticle about because I had once tried a salad shaker there and almost lost my lunch before eating it. Alas, it was wonderful. Every sweet, sugary bite. I'm certain it isn't healthy for you, even if it is fruit and yogurt. Oh well, it is SO good. Go ahead, go get one!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Number 7

7. Gift of Gab

So I am a talker. It is in my genes. In fact, Ava's preschool teacher has already confirmed that it is in her genes as well (as if I didn't know that). Isn't it great to have a good long talk with a girlfriend, sister or mom (or husband I guess)? I love it. I love that I can talk to my mom for an hour (at least) and at the end of it Tyler always asks what I talked to her about and I can usually sum it up in one minute by updating him on the basic things going on :). I love that I can spend a night talking with girlfriends and we don't have to resort to any negative talk about others and if by chance it comes up, we take turns straightening out the convo. So this trait may have given me trouble in school, but I am grateful for it now.

Love Number 6

6. Crockpot Liners

Hello, probably the best invention ever. What good is the convenience of a crockpot if you have to spend hours cleaning it after? I love these things!

Love Number 5

5. People

I know that sounds quite common, but I don't just mean my friends or what not. Lately I have been able to get to know people very different from myself. Different cultures, different beliefs, very different people. It is fascinating. I love that I can find someone living their life so differently from me yet still find so many amazing things that draw me to them and suprisingly a lot of similarities too. There are so many wonderful people in the world. It is so easy to get caught in our "own world" of people, places, and beliefs. I love expanding my friendship base. I really think there is a little good in everyone and A LOT of good in MOST.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love Number 4

4. Simple Sweetness

My fourth love is hard to name. It is those moments when sweetness shines through. It is so easy to feel discouraged as my children are learning what's right and wrong through trial and error. I feel like I am often trying to keep myself from losing it, which is sometimes hard, but worth it. However, sometimes I get this glimpse at the natural kindness that is inside of my children. Those sweet moments of sharing and caring. I think that these moments are what get me through. I live for these times.
This picture is a simple example of sweetness. Ava, after repeatedly putting Bennett's paci in his mouth to get him to sleep decided that what he really wanted was to sleep with her giraffe, furthermore she decided she would let him. Sweet.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Daddy

I miss you! Mom's all right and all, she just doesn't squeeze my cheeks like you or give the same cuddles before bed and kisses on my face like you. She does fill up my tank, so I guess she is good for something. Anyway, come home quick.
Love, Bennett

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Number 3

3. Chubbies
So my kids tend to measure on the big know, 97% in weight :) I love it. There is a lot less to worry about when there are extra rolls on your little ones thighs (which have been present on Bennett's sweet little thighs for weeks now. In fact the little guy went to the doctor yesterday to check his reflux medicine and he weighed in at almost 13 lbs. Yes, my child is 5 weeks old. No wonder his medicine wasn't working, it was only half of the right dosage!

To the point. It makes me so happy to look at my kids' squeezable cheeks AND thighs. I love the rolls that form on their wrists. Even their biceps look chubby. Ava is slowly growing out of this extra fat, but let me remind with a few pics. Try to tell me this doesn't make you smile too!

Doesn't it look like those legs are going to burst!

I need to capture Bennett's chubs and post a pic of him too.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Number 2

2. Twins

When I was a little girl my mom would take me to the mall and she would always give me a penny to throw into the little water fountain and make a wish. (Ah, the simple things in life- now we go to the mall and our kids are bombarded by $1 and 30 second rides) For about 2 years, every wish I made was that I could be a twin. Eventually, I realized that myself being a twin was no longer possible. So I decided from there on out to wish for one of two things, either to have twins or to marry a twin. Lo and behold, I got my wish. I married a twin.

I love that Tyler is a twin. He has a great relationship with his twin brother, as do I. They have some pretty funny "twincidences" as we like to call them. If they are ever going to the same event, there is ALWAYS a call to discuss what clothes each other will be wearing. They have shown up in the same outfit far too many times. Why do they have the same outfits you might ask, because when they go shopping, separately, they inevidably come home with the same clothes. They have a lot of differences don't get me wrong, but definitely some strange similarities. Tyler and I were married first, which made me try to have influence on who mr. twin would marry. I couldn't have picked her better myself. Mr. twin and his wife live way off in London for a few years, but since the boys have to chat at least everyday we've all come to conclude that we must settle down in the same place (meaning town, not house-although Sara and I have considered that too).

So I got my wish, and I love it. I'll leave you with a funny trick these two played on an innocent little boy who hadn't seen his daddy much for awhile and surely didn't mind a "filler dad", but got real confused when he was faced with both.

My Loves...

I am starting out behind, but better late than never! Last year I did 14 days of love and it was lots of fun. So, here we go again.

1. Sleep
For someone who is not getting a lot of it right now, I can confidently say that I LOVE sleep. But even more than my own sleep (if that is possible) I love to catch a moment with my children when they are so peacefully sleeping. I love to feel the innocence that seems to radiate around a sleeping child. It doesn't matter how naughty a child might have been, at that moment they are the sweetest thing in the world. I love to sneak into my kids rooms and lay down next to them and have these moments.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Attention all shoppers!

So my friend is the Queen of all good deals. Really, the queen. Who knows where she finds all the deals, but I gladly accept the info she displays on her Savvy Shopper blog.
So, she has a sweet game going this month...Come play along!
Go check it out, and don't forget to give credit where credit is due!