Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Self Proclaimed American Idol Nut!...a confession by Lindsey's husband...

He..hEl...hello? mmm...Hi...Tyler here.

I'm the other half (the weaker, less interesting, and incredibly less spontaneous/less"crafty" half) to the amazing Lindsey Fish Kearl...and daddy to some amazingly cute and fun kids...Hi. For Almost 5 years now, I've been watching Lindsey do this blogging thing. Ok, I'll admit it...i'm a closet blogger...well, reader, observer, sideline contributor, etc. Anyway, I finally have a comment worthy of blogging by myself. Perhaps my little tidbit of insight, prophesy, prediction, hope, dream, whatever will inspire the inevitable as I see it.

Well here goes...I think David Cook and Carrie Underwood should hook up. There, see, I've said it.

Now you know a couple things about me that you didn't before.
1) It's true. I watch American Idol (imagine Seacrest saying that with extra ummph on the "erican" part of American and it will have come across as intended). I watch every week and nothing gets me more worked up, than the few times I had to miss it this season.
2) I watched two seasons ago when Carrie Underwood was on it. (I also watched 3 years ago when what's-his-name, gray hair man sang songs only our grandparents were rocking to...and of course the unjustified early exit by Daughtry.)
3) Ok. I watched the lip sinking Sparks win last year as well...
4) Ok...I'll just throw this in because you couldn't possibly know by what I've already said...but I have purchased American Idol music on my IPOD...ahhhhhh...that felt good to get off my chest!

Perhaps I'm the only one in the virtual blogging world that has expressed this thought--i'm talking again about the future Carrie Underwood Cook. David, buddy, did you see her on the finally tonight? Holy smokes! (Don't worry all, Lindsey is well aware of my Carrie crush).

Tonight the best man did win the competition (by 12 million votes, need I remind you). Kudos to Archuleta (and White for that matter) for representing.

Yours truly,


PS...Guess who has tickets to the Idol Tour in San Jose on July 8? Yup, Lindsey and I do.

PPS...Guess who bought them? Me. (Don't worry mom, there will be tons of parents at the concert too...)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Sad Day!

Auntie Sara and Uncle "Gog" (Jon) having been staying with us the last couple weeks, but this morning they left us for the British accent and HobNobs. Yes, they are moving to London. We tried (quite desperately) to make them stay this morning, but no, they are currently in their cozy business class seats to the UK, sipping on never ending Diet Coke and snacking on more than nuts. We are so sad to see them leave for 2 years...we are tempted to join them. Sara and I joke about always following each other around our whole lives (we are content with the idea, whether the twins are or not). It has been so nice to have family here California. Ava and Christian LOVE their auntie and uncle. They have been around the most of any family for almost all of both of our kids lives. We will miss you guys a ton and can't wait to meet back up...or for Jon to find Ty an opening there :)

Before they left they gave the kids these darling little outfits. Could the Star Wars shirt be any cooler, especially with the shorts. Ava looked so cute in her little dress too. The top pic is the kids with Gog and Sara right before the tears fell and they drove away.

Below is a classic Ava face.
I am officially depressed! We love you guys!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A boy and his Ball.

Sorry for the slacking as of late. No excuse, just life, which I suppose is an excuse. The other night we went to Ty's soccer game. This little boy had so much fun, he didn't know what to do with himself. He really wanted to run onto the feild and play. When Ty was on the sidelines he wanted to be held by him and him only. The rest of the time he kicked the soccer ball and threw the baseball around all night. It was really cute.

I really enjoy having a boy that LOVES balls and cars and a girl that loves babies and princesses. Ava's been asking, "Mom, can we go to Disneyland and see the princesses."