Tuesday, February 5, 2008

14 Days of LOVE!!!

So I am behind, but my cute friend Tracy is doing this and I love the idea...can that be number one? Just kidding. So here is my catch up...

Day 1:

I LOVE Pictures.

I am so glad that we have pictures to keep our memories. I absolutely adore going through old pictures. While I was in Utah I went through a box of what I thought were my high school pictures but when I had all the negatives put onto CD's I found old pictures of my whole family. I found over 100 pictures from my dad's mission. How cool is that...he was a stud, check it out.

So now it is my goal to go through all my parents boxes and get all our family pictures on smugmug. SO FUN!

DAY 2:

I LOVE Learning.

I miss the days of college when all your stresses were about learning new, cool stuff. I am trying to recreate this situation in my life. First, I think you can learn so much from books, whether it be fiction, historic, whatever it is your mind is learning. So I am trying to find more time to read...very fun. Also, I am taking classes on subjects I don't know much about, but would like to. Right now I am enrolled in a Photoshop class that I am loving, mostly because of my fasination with pictures. It is just fun to learn, I guess that is why my degree is in teaching.

DAY 3:

I LOVE Creating.

So my house the last few weeks has been craft central. This is much to Ty's dismay because my office is "under construction" and therefore my kitchen has adopted my sewing machine, glue gun, ribbon bin (which is massive) and all sorts of materials. I have found so much joy in coming up with new ideas. I get so excited. So maybe I will post my new creations when I finish.

DAY 4:

I LOVE Buttons.

So along with this creating kick I am on, I am using buttons on everything. My most fav of all are the make-it-yourself fabric covered buttons...lalalove them. Buttons are just cool.

DAY 5:

I LOVE Cuddles.

Tyler mentioned last night as we got into bed that he wanted to "regain his half of the bed." What can I say, I like to to cuddle. By my favorite cuddle at the moment comes from my sweet little boy. He loves his mama and wears that fact on his sleeve. When I get him out of bed he just lays his head on my shoulder. Then while I am holding him he opens his slobbery mouth and leans in for kisses, completely unsolicited...priceless.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Oh that little Christian. What a cutie!!

And I have to say you are one very creative person. I wish had that kind of creativity. I can't wait to continue reading about the things you love!

Tracy said...

Christian is so dang cute! I could just nibble on thsoe chunky cheeks! As you know...I think you are the most talented and creative person I know. I am dying for a passie button clip! See you Thursday!! :)

Amanda said...

Could that picture of Dad get any funnier? I love it! I think this is such a cute idea. I wish I would have known and I would have done it too.

Love you!