Saturday, March 31, 2007

4 for 4

Four days...four large, noticable bruises/scratches on Ava's face! Heaven forbid we let one day go by without receiving a new "mark". The picture above doesn't do even partial justice to the marks. It started with the scratch on the cheek that she miraculously woke up with...I swear I cut her nails every 5 minutes! Next came the bruise/goose egg on her right side of her forehead, which happened by slamming her head against the hardwood floor while playing under her puzzle mat and singing her ABC's...seriously? Day three wasn't complete until she came crying to me saying "bonk a head", which explains her left bruise on the forehead. We can only imagine how it happened. I was feeling good about day four until we were headed towards her bed for naptime and those darn "bumps" on the floor popped up and tripped her, making her fall directly into her toddler bed...eye first, giving her a bruised left eye!

Ty started to wonder about my excuses once day four came. "Just don't tell me tomorrow that she fell down the stairs"...we don't have stairs! Lucky for me day five was a success!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Intramurals are BACK!!

Oh how we have missed the days of intramural soccer games! Oh, but no one fret...they are back! Tyler and Jon got into a league in Palo Alto and they have games every Friday night. They are thrilled, mostly because it is a chance for a much needed break from their cubicals to get some exersize, and it's soccer...what better way (although Ty's Sat. morning ultimate frisbee comes in a fairly close second).
So since the weather has been beautiful, I packed up the kids and headed to P.A. for their game. Ava LOVED to watch her daddy and uncle Gog play, even though she persistantly insisted that it was her turn to kick the ball into the net! Anyway, the boys played great...even for the old men they are turning into, and their team won!
After the game we headed to Wahoo's Fish Tacos and Christian was crying and crying and I couldn't figure out why...he eventually settled down and I found him like this...

So he is still a little small for this hat! But doesn't he look cute!

Little Parts

I just LOVE pictures of babies little parts. I am definitely not a photographer (I wish I were) but I wanted to take a few shots of Christian's little hands and feet.
Ava always wants to HOLD Christian's HANDS! It is really sweet!
Look at those skinny little bird legs...he gets them from me!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hooray! Christian is 1 month old today! He is still pretty small...8 lbs 13 oz to be exact. We are just trying to enjoy every minute of his is small life, because we know it doesn't last long!

He is much more alert now and will smile from time to time!
What a handsome boy, if I do say so myself!
This picture cracks me you think the flash scared him?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcome Spring

YAY! Spring is officially here! Not that it hasn't been beautiful weather for the last few weeks anyway, but it makes me feel better to know that it is official-no turning back (hopefully).

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So I have never been one for drugs, at least the illegal kind, but I have recently discovered that I am no better than any pot head out there!

So I became a little under the weather this weekend, or rather completely under the weather feeling quite confident the end was coming soon. So after numerous calls to the doctor it was determined that I had an infection. YIPEE...Let's fix it! So they give me medicines to help the infection and then tell me all the other things I should be doing to get rid of it, one of which is diet.

"Just make sure you stay away from diary products and anything with sugar (including fruit!!!) and artificial sweeteners." The list goes on, but my point can stop right there. No Sugar?? But, I was certain this couldn't be too bad...I was wrong!

I wasn't ever one to say, yet alone follow through with the idea of not eating sugar or candy for a year, a month, or even a day! And now here I am being faced with a crucial decision every time I walk into the kitchen...pain or sugar? Believe it or not the pain has actually winning. Besides a few swigs of cranberry juice I have been clean for 2 days now!

In result...I don't eat! (well, I eat, just not much...maybe a good thing) I cannot find anything appetising to me. I am actually okay with lunch and dinner, because I can have veggies, meat and rice or something, but breakfast is the worst. Who wants a bowl of oatmeal without the brown sugar?

So there you have it, I have admitted my addiction and I am having withdrawals! I am realizing even though a lot of the foods I can't eat are good for you, a lot of them are not so good for you. So when this is over (hopefully a week or so) I am hoping this cold turkey approach will at least help me modify my sugar intake!

A few questions:

When does the shaking stop? Which day in the quitting process does it start getting easier? And better yet, does anyone know of any "treats" without sugar (or artificial sweetener)?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Shower for mom = Fun for Ava

So Christian is 2 weeks old today! With his birthday comes all sorts of new things. The first being a Doctor's appointment. He is growing like a champ although he is in 10-25% for height and weight! Don't you worry though, his sister made up for him in the end. For her 2 year mark she made it to the 75-90% for height and 97% for weight! At least we have a good spread!

The second "new" thing for us today, unfortunately, was that Ty had to go back to work today! I think he was starting to get real comfortable with his life of hanging out with me and the kids, and to be honest I was too, but reality hit and it all came to an end!

So with Tyler gone I got Christian down for a nap and turned on Ice Age for Ava so that I could hop in the shower. As I was enjoying a couple minutes to myself I started to think of my darling little Ava and wonder what her curiosity may have her doing. I then started washing my hair a little faster thinking of all the things she could be doing, or worse...doing to her brother! So when I got out and ran in to check on her I was pleasantly surprised to see what fun she had found.

Oh the joys of a pack of dental floss! She had pulled all the floss out and was not only tasting it all, but also stringing it through her toes as you can see below. I love my little stink!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A favorite!

So since there isn't a store in Utah I had never heard of Janie and Jack.
But it is my FAVORITE place for kids! It has the most adorable outfits! Unfortunately, the website doesn't even do it justice! It is real pricey, but if you are looking for a cute Easter outfit for your babe and are willing to spend on it...take a look! But I am warning you, addiction is likely!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'm Back!

So, by the frequency of my postings I think it may be a little obvious that my life is currently in chaos. Between the sleepless nights, and therefore sleep-filled days, a 2 year old, whose little mind seemed to have sensed her recent birthday and changed her actions accordingly, not to mention the unconditional love that she gives to her brother by steeling his pacifier 20 times a day (to take puffs in the corner before she returns to shove it resentlessly into his mouth) and last but not least my innocent, handsome little boy who does nothing wrong...except, of course cry!

THIS IS MY CURRENT STATE!!! (Yes, fetal position)

Oh don't worry I am only kidding, and I am not depressed! I am actually loving having the 2 kids. My life has just changed so dramatically I haven't gotten into a routine enough to actually sit at my computer daily, which is killing me! But don't worry I am jumping back! I went out on my own with 2 kids help! It is a day for improvements!

So my darling little kids...

Ava had her second birthday on the 1st of March. She was hilarious! You've never seen someone get so excited about a doll and stroller that she already has a ton of. But, her new baby comes everywhere with her! She loves it. When she first saw it she ran around in circles screaming!

Notice Ava's baby in her chair with her, ready to eat cake!

We take pics of Ava in my wedding dress on her birthday each year, so here is one of them.

I loved this picture of the both of them!

At this point in the game Ava had already chunked right up (and it's been downhill ever since). But Christian is still so small! It is so fun to see his skinny little bird legs!

So what do you or Ty? As always, more cute pics at smugmug.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Christian is starting to open his eyes a lot more. His eyes actually still look quite blue, which is odd only because Ava's turned brown on about the second day! It would seem pretty weird for Tyler and I have have a blue eyed baby! I guess we will see.

He is still so small even the few newborn outfits we got swim on him! Oh well I still think he looks handsome!