Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Number 9

9. Modern Medicine

Not just because I recently had half of my body numbed so that I could enjoy the first moments of my child's life, but more importantly, yes MORE importantly, because of the medicine I got for Bennett. He has not been an extremely happy baby thus far. Out of the blue, he would cry out in pain all the time. I felt like something was wrong (although I don't think I would have if he were my first child). Turns out, he has acid reflux...poor guy. So we got him on his medicine and the RIGHT dose for the large child and voila...a happy baby. He is 6 weeks old and a couple days ago he just laid in his bassinet for about an hour, as happy as can be. This was the first time he has done that (being awake) in his short life. I am so happy he feels better and can show me his cute little smile all the time now.

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allegra said...

oh unhappy babies are the worst. i'm glad the medicine is helping!! it's so sad when they're crying and you don't know why. yay for medicine.

i too love mcdonald's yogurt thingies. i had 2 a day while i was preggo with max. mostly because mcdonald's was right by where i worked..ok, and i just craved them i can't lie:)