Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Number 2

2. Twins

When I was a little girl my mom would take me to the mall and she would always give me a penny to throw into the little water fountain and make a wish. (Ah, the simple things in life- now we go to the mall and our kids are bombarded by $1 and 30 second rides) For about 2 years, every wish I made was that I could be a twin. Eventually, I realized that myself being a twin was no longer possible. So I decided from there on out to wish for one of two things, either to have twins or to marry a twin. Lo and behold, I got my wish. I married a twin.

I love that Tyler is a twin. He has a great relationship with his twin brother, as do I. They have some pretty funny "twincidences" as we like to call them. If they are ever going to the same event, there is ALWAYS a call to discuss what clothes each other will be wearing. They have shown up in the same outfit far too many times. Why do they have the same outfits you might ask, because when they go shopping, separately, they inevidably come home with the same clothes. They have a lot of differences don't get me wrong, but definitely some strange similarities. Tyler and I were married first, which made me try to have influence on who mr. twin would marry. I couldn't have picked her better myself. Mr. twin and his wife live way off in London for a few years, but since the boys have to chat at least everyday we've all come to conclude that we must settle down in the same place (meaning town, not house-although Sara and I have considered that too).

So I got my wish, and I love it. I'll leave you with a funny trick these two played on an innocent little boy who hadn't seen his daddy much for awhile and surely didn't mind a "filler dad", but got real confused when he was faced with both.


Kearl said...

Oh my gosh- that was the absolute cutest thing ever! DK and I both just died. He was so cute about seeing Tyler and then the little point back to Jo- too funny. Last Christmas Luke was sick and would only go to my sister Julie or me. We had the same hair cut, and he couldn't tell us apart. Even one time, he denied me for her.

becky said...

funny! i too relate to those twincidences with my own twin.. it seriously is crazy the things we experience and i would not have it any other way!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

That's very cute. I'd love to meet Christian someday. From seeing him on the blog, I think he's one funny boy!

Chelsea Anne said...

Ava's commentary is my favorite. Typical older sibling.