Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Number 7

7. Gift of Gab

So I am a talker. It is in my genes. In fact, Ava's preschool teacher has already confirmed that it is in her genes as well (as if I didn't know that). Isn't it great to have a good long talk with a girlfriend, sister or mom (or husband I guess)? I love it. I love that I can talk to my mom for an hour (at least) and at the end of it Tyler always asks what I talked to her about and I can usually sum it up in one minute by updating him on the basic things going on :). I love that I can spend a night talking with girlfriends and we don't have to resort to any negative talk about others and if by chance it comes up, we take turns straightening out the convo. So this trait may have given me trouble in school, but I am grateful for it now.


hayleyrowan said...

you're so cute I'd love to come hang out at your house and organize with you!! I've looked for those crock pot liners everywhere and can't find them here... they look awesome. You like to talk because you're so fun to talk to and everyone wants to gab with you. and you're kids with a little chub are so dang cute. chunky babies are the cutest. i was so tiny and skinny when i was born i got the nick name - hayley bird... not so cute... can't believe how quickly bennett is changing... he's adorable.

Stephanie said...

How was the park yesterday? I wanted to come, but I had to do something else. From now on I'll try to keep Tuesdays free. I think we have ugly weather coming in soon though.