Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Number 3

3. Chubbies
So my kids tend to measure on the big know, 97% in weight :) I love it. There is a lot less to worry about when there are extra rolls on your little ones thighs (which have been present on Bennett's sweet little thighs for weeks now. In fact the little guy went to the doctor yesterday to check his reflux medicine and he weighed in at almost 13 lbs. Yes, my child is 5 weeks old. No wonder his medicine wasn't working, it was only half of the right dosage!

To the point. It makes me so happy to look at my kids' squeezable cheeks AND thighs. I love the rolls that form on their wrists. Even their biceps look chubby. Ava is slowly growing out of this extra fat, but let me remind with a few pics. Try to tell me this doesn't make you smile too!

Doesn't it look like those legs are going to burst!

I need to capture Bennett's chubs and post a pic of him too.


Kearl said...

My favorite chubby pics of Ava are when she is in that bikini at your sister's pool. chuckle.

Tyler Kearl said... not post pictures of my fat rolls...pretty please?

The Mostess said...

Chub is SOOO cute!!