Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love Number 4

4. Simple Sweetness

My fourth love is hard to name. It is those moments when sweetness shines through. It is so easy to feel discouraged as my children are learning what's right and wrong through trial and error. I feel like I am often trying to keep myself from losing it, which is sometimes hard, but worth it. However, sometimes I get this glimpse at the natural kindness that is inside of my children. Those sweet moments of sharing and caring. I think that these moments are what get me through. I live for these times.
This picture is a simple example of sweetness. Ava, after repeatedly putting Bennett's paci in his mouth to get him to sleep decided that what he really wanted was to sleep with her giraffe, furthermore she decided she would let him. Sweet.


Alie said...

very cute. i love those moments too- it makes it all worth it.

and- as for "losing" it, you are so put together, i can't ever see you losing it!

cassi said...

Oh that just makes me smile!