Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Niagara Falls

We went to the Canadian side of the falls and stay at the Great Wolf Lodge.  After two days of seeing church sites it was a good energy release to have a day at their indoor water park.

 The we headed to the falls.  Good thing we all had passports, I think the US side would have been lame.
So here is an overload of pictures for you, or rather for me, but feel free to browse or skip.

 They don't look that big in the picture below, but that is only half of them.

 Cutest picture ever of my boy in his dad's hat.

 It was rainy all morning, but the kids were loving be able to use their new umbrellas.

This is where you go behind the falls.  It's amazing how loud it was. 

 This is the other half of the falls, from the top of them.  It is crazy to read the story of people who went over the falls.  One kid went over the falls with nothing but a life vest (not intentional) and survived.  Amazing.
 By about lunch time the sun came out.  It was Eater miracle number 25...seriously.

 We had to make a quick stop while Bennett a couple of business calls...
 and grabbed a coke.  He is high maintenance.

 Christian loves my dad.  He would be his shadow all the time if he could.  If my dad is ever running an errand, doesn't matter where, Christian wants to go. 

 Ava might like him a little too.
I think those are the only pics I have from the month my parents were here.   It was so nice having them, as always.  Even more fun actually getting out and seeing things this time.

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The Gilberts said...

Beautiful! How nice to really explore things out East.