Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bennett and the Sacred Grove

Okay so this post might seem a little Bennett-indulgent, so sorry. 
Bennet has personality bubbling out his ears.  So while we were at the Sacred Grove I wanted my parents to have a, well, Sacred experience.  So I stayed outside with Bennett while they all went into one of the houses.  So I pulled out my camera and this is what he gave me.  None was prompted.  It was like he went through every emotion in a 2 minute period.
 Sneaky, then perhaps "don't snap that picture at me."

 Calm (or taking care of business??) and silly.

 Clearly cracking himself up, because I wasn't sharing any jokes.

 "Okay, I'm totally bored.  When are they coming out?"

"Hmmm, not coming?  I'll sit down and laugh at myself some more."


Grams and Papa Dan said...

I love these of Bennett!

The Gilberts said...

Wow,Bennett!! Such a different kid with that hair. cuteness