Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter and the Sacred Grove

My parents cam into town right before Easter.  We woke up the Saturday morning before Easter and the Easter Bunny had come.

 Candy, swim suits and rain boots...perfect combination.
 Right after the baskets we hopped in the car to head up to Palmyra.  My dad had never seen the church sites in upstate New York and my mom hadn't seen them since she was a teenager.  About 20 minutes from the Peter Whitmer farm the sun broke through and the rain stopped...Easter miracle.

I love the picture below of my boys far in the field next to that huge tree. 
 What's even better is what we realized they were doing way out there.  He has mud up to his forehead.
 The contemplation.
 We then drove through more rain to get to the Sacred Grove which was completely clear.  Easter miracle number 2.

 They were cetain there was a snake in those logs.
I love that my kids have been able to go to the Sacred Grove twice now, and I would imagine they will go a few more times before we leave here.  Very cool place.

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