Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is Maria.  She is awesome.  I first met her a few months ago when our church missionaries brought her to our house for a discussion.  She was interested in our church at the time, but still didn't know very much.  From that time Maria and various friends or family members came to our house every Thursday night for discussions.  They were mostly in Spanish, so I did my best to understand everything that was going on and had Tyler fill me in on what I had missed.
 During the time we were teaching Maria, she taught me instead.  She had/has a lot of faith.  She had a lot of hard things happen while she was learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ, but she stayed very strong.  Anyway, Maria prayed to find out if the Book of Mormon was true and if our church is true.  She decided to be baptized. She asked Tyler to do it.  It was a really great night.

I'm happy to have the joy that the gospel brings to my life and I am happy Maria now has it as well.  Congrats Maria!

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