Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kate visits...and Sara too!

Oh how we loved having them here.  My kids totally bombarded Kate, all day, everyday.  She took it pretty well.  And then she released all her frustration on Bennett.  Lucky for her, we have taught him very well how to treat a lady, particularly a younger one.  We will show only the good times in pictures :)

Looking out the window from Ava's bed.
 Taking turns pushing each other down the ramp on the driveway.
 We went to a little zoo. 
 and a little play place.

 Ava LOVED Kate, and I think Kate rather like Ava too.  I'm not sure what Ava liked more, Kate or the fact that Kate liked her :)  Either way, it worked.  They are each other's only girl counsins on the Kearl side.
 Christian was a pretty good older brother to Kate too.

 We went to a petting zoo, too.
 Just to make you all jealous of how awesome our neighborhood is, an older neighbor across the street came home from work one day and stopped in front of our house.  He hopped out of his car, opened his trunk and pulled out these little bubble shooters for our kids.  He had seen some kids with them and thought our kids would love them, so he went and bought them some.  This, my friends, is NOT an uncommon occurrance.  Mr. Pete, across the street takes them for ice cream and buys them Christmas presents to give while inviting us all over for Charlie Brown.  We really live in an amazing neighborhood.  (sorry for the side tangent).
 Kate was perfectly happy playing in our backyard all week.
It really was so fun to have them here.  Sara and I just chatted while the kids played.  We had a glimpse of what it would be like if we lived close to each other.  Ahhh, maybe someday. 

ps. i stole every picture from this post off of sara's blog.  :)

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Grams and Papa Dan said...

Wow! Just caught up on your blog. It was great & the pictures were wonderful. It was a great trip for us. I love the pictures of Bennett when you were waiting outside. You really did capture his personality. He's got such great facial expressions! We miss them already. It's pretty quiet here! Keep those pictures coming!