Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Latest Chuckle

As I saw Ava slip her finger into her mouth last night I said,

"Ava, what was that."

"Oh, it was a booger mom."

"Ava, why would you eat a booger?"

"I'm so sorry mom. I couldn't help it. I was just so hungry."

"Okay, well, maybe we should try food next time."

"Okay, mom."

...maybe I shouldn't be chuckling?


Alie said...

i love those little exchanges!!!


Gilly Funk said...

I swear I had that EXACT conversation with JJ. The good thing was that was the one and only booger in the mouth encounter that we've had. Good thing too, I don't want my kdd to be the "booger eater" at school.

Amanda said...

I read this to Mom and we both just laughed and laughed. Kimball used to be so good about getting a tissue, but lately he's been doing the same thing. Nasty!

What you can do?