Thursday, April 3, 2008


We did actually celebrate Easter, despite my lack of posting about it. Ava was super excited for the Easter bunny...she woke up at 3 am. Yes, 3 am. We enjoyed watching her plow through the house searching for her eggs, allowing Christian but a few. The Easter bunny brought her little swimming pool for the backyard and we had also set up their Easter outfits from Grandma Nancy. The first thing Ava said when she came running in was, "Look, Mom, a dress!" with complete and utter excitement. So, thanks grandma, they both looked adorable on Easter Sunday (despite what these pictures show).


Jess Perry said...

Oh your kids are so cute!! I love the Easter outfits!!

Clark said...

I was very glad to see you guys earlier this week and especially that cute niece and nephew. I wish I had had more time to play with them.

I guess I really wish we lived closer so we could hang out. If you ever move, make sure it's back to Utah county.

Anonymous said...

please check this out and support Cassi and Nick!