Monday, April 7, 2008


So over dinner the other night with my in-laws we were discussing a story that I realized I hadn't written down.

So, I am sure you all remember the wonderful birthday present that Ava got from her wonderful aunt Sara and uncle "Gog"...her fish, Buba. Well, he was a slow fish. We think, perhaps blind and deaf. He never ate...never. So he died, after maybe 2 weeks. We had just been waiting for the day it would happen. We thought he was dead everytime we looked at him because he never moved. But one day it finally happen. We came in and saw him belly up on the bottom by the rocks. When Ava came in the conversation went something like this:

Daddy: "Ava look at Buba, I think he died."

Ava: "Oh, Buba! I think he must have fallen and hit his head on the rocks. Now he died like President Hinckley."

Daddy: "So where is he now?"

Ava: (While pointing up)"With Heavenly Father and Jesus."

A little while later, Ava walked into the room and said, "MOM! Buba's swimming again!" We ran in to find him floating back up to the top. We all said goodbye to Buba and flushed him down. But Ava's not worried, she knows who is taking care of little Buba.


The LeRoy's said...

what a cute story. It's so amazing what kids know. I think we underestimate them at times. She is darling. Thanks for sharing.

Jess Perry said...

Okay tha tis so cute!! Kids are amazing with how much they know and I love how simple and direct everything is. they really have got all the right answers!!

Clark said...

Great story! We wish we could be around Ava and Christian more. It wouldn't be so bad having you guys around either.

Alie said...

very cute story. Ava is so cute. And- you guys are very cute parents!!

charity said...

Okay, I have to comment, because that was one of the cutest stories ever! I love your blog, Lindsey! it's fun to catch up on what all the old t-birds are up to :)