Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas In February!

Seriously.  I've gotta catch up at some point.  Here's how Christmas Eve played out at the Kearl house.
Dinner.  Complete with Slush.
Next the Nativity.
Here we have an angel, the narrator, Joseph, Mary, and a wiseman.

 Grandpa was such a good, but sleepy-jet-lagged-star!
 Then came the Yule log.  Lots of sitting, lots of salt and lots of kissing.

 And if you're Bennett, lots of licking.

But mostly there was a lot of this...chilaxin by the fire.

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Jan'l said...

Your house looks so cute.. post more photos :)
What is up with the kissing the log? Don't know that tradition..looks like a fun one. Christian and Bennett look like they loved it too..