Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Euro Visitors

My sister Amber and her family came from Prague to visit.  Our kids are really close in age and so it is so fun when they get together.  Most of the visit was spent to hanging out and playing at the house, with frequent trips to the AB&G (Allendale Bar and Grill).  We had a blast though.

The girls insisted on all sleep in Ava's bed.
 We made cookies and went caroling to some neighbors.  Our neighborhood is SOOO great.  Ava was leading the singing at the doors and on the third stop she decided she had had enough of jingle bells and started singing "I like to look for rainbows" (a church song).  It was awesome.
 Umm, Christian you are looking fierce with that frosting on your cheek!

 Baby Livs.  Oh, how I love you.  And she even let me hold her before they were leaving!
Such a superb visit.  Come back soon!


Natalie said...

So cute. When did your kids get so big? That's crazy. I bet it's fun to have Amber visit, that would be so hard to be so far away. Hope all is well.


Grams and Papa Dan said...

So glad to see you've started posting again. I love to read your posts! Always entertaining! Sure do miss those kiddos! With Amber gone it's SOOO quiet around here! Give the kids loves from us!