Monday, February 14, 2011

Eventful month of love

It's been eventful around here. Mostly because of this...
 To make a long story short...Ty went to play basketball at the church one night (much to my dismay).  In the last 5 minutes of play, he ruptured his achilles tendon.  We spend the rest of the night in the ER (with a saint-of-a-friend at home with my kids) but only after Ty took the missionaries to Wendy's then to their house, 25 minutes from us.  A few days later he had to have surgery to sew the tendon back together and he has pretty much been in bed ever since.
So while he is out of commission Bennett fell into the corner of our coffee table to give him a nice bruise on his forehead and two black eyes.  You can't really see the bruising in this picture, but you can see that it is swollen by the space between his eyes.
 Well, those nice shiners were followed by a real doozy.  You can find it here if you haven't already read Tyler's blog.
Lastly, and likely the most eventful part...this independent, busy, into-everything, happy-if-he-gets-what-he-wants, sometimes naughty, little boy is now "sleeping" in a toddler bed.  Due to the unsafe nature he was catapulting himself out of his crib, we decided to avoid another trip to the ER and just put him into a toddler bed.
 He thinks it's awesome.  Mostly because his effort to be free just reduced immensly.  For his first nap he fell asleep right by the door.  I didn't have a childproof door knob and so I had to jimmy-rig it with twine.  But that night he laid in his bed and went right to sleep.  I thought we were golden...ha!
The kid is real persistant.  So at his nap today I took everything out of his room and closed the door (with a childproof doorknob this time).  It took a little bit, but after he'd been quite for a few minutes I went upstairs to open his door and this is how I found him.

I had forgotten to take a basket of dirty clothes out of his room...I told you he is into everything.


Leah said...

That is so Andrew like.

Grams and Papa Dan said...

I LOVE it!! How can you get mad when he looks so angelic like that? I hate that he is growing up, but I love that he is growing up giving us lots to laugh at! Keep these fun stories coming!

Laura said...

Holy Crap!!! This is insane and hilarious at the same time. I read Tyler's blog and while I don't know him very well (seems like everytime we got together, he was never around)but I was on the floor laughing at his explanation of how the events played out. It sounds exactly the way I would try to describe something of that insane scenario! Here's to making March a better month!

Chelsea Anne said...

So fun to see all your posts! When I see all this I miss you so much! Your kids are darling. Your house looks cute. The snow looks fun...for a minute. Bennett...I have one of those too. And Tyler being down looks miserable. Ben broke his arm awhile back and that was awful! I can't imagine what your going through. I'm so sorry for you! Tyler will live:) If you let him.

Keep the posts coming.