Tuesday, January 18, 2011

November's Nutshell

November was nice.  Pretty good weather and my parents came to visit, which was great.  While they were here we went into the city to see The Rockettes at Radio City.  It was fun and kept the kids pretty entertained (except Christian).
We walked the kids like crazy, but they were champs!

 Mom and Pops
 The Fam
 Later that day, which was the day before Thanksgiving we went to see the pre-parade fun.  They blow-up all the balloons and you can walk around and see them all.  I was told it was "magical".  Umm...not so much.  The balloons were netted down and figuring out what they even were was sometimes a challenge.  I don't know why I expected different.  But, we met some friends there and had a blast losing each other in the crowd.
Ty carried this 33 lb chunk on his back all day.  Bless you Ty, bless you.
 Ty and Christian in front of what we think to be Buzz, hold all $22 of M&Ms that we purchased at the M&M store.  Why are they better from that store?
We did celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents, but I cannot find any pictures.  I swear I at least took one of the table.
This year we were grateful for:
New/old friends and family
Our house
Dead chipmonks

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