Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hello again.

hello again.  I have had quite the hiatus.  In fact, I typed in my URL only to find that my computer did not remember it.  Wow.

So.  We are going back, way back...for record sake.
Mr. B Man as...Yoda
 Luke and Yoda waiting for princess Leia to parade out of her school.
 The Gang.  We later found out that we had princess Leia's costume all wrong...that crown, is a belt.  I didn't think she ever wore a crown. :)


Erin said...

hillarious! I love your costumes! you really went all out!!!

Kendra Seel said...

I am so glad ;you are bake. I have been missing your posts! Glad to see you had a good holiday.

cassi said...

Oh I love those costumes! You guys look great!!

Jan'l said...

Awesome! I love the family theme costumes. You look smoking as the queen..with that pasty face :)