Saturday, October 2, 2010


We headed to Upstate New York last weekend to visit some friends of ours that are in school at Cornell. We had SOOO much fun, mostly just being with them. We did go apple picking and to Palmyra. With Fall scenery like this, we couldn't help but take pictures...LOTS of pics. (consider that your warning)
I know this picture is blurry, but I love his expression.
Here is a better pic, with an equally cute expression.
Christian, climbing the fence at Joseph Smith's Farm. It was clear Christian would have loved life there.

One word to describe Palmyra: AMAZING.
We loved it. We just couldn't believe that we were where the church was restored. It was a perfect trip to take after our Jerusalem trip and every bit as neat.
The Sacred Grove.
The kids waiting outside the farmhouse.
This was Joseph Smith's second house that was essentially sold out from under them. There were places shown in the house where Joseph hid the plates.
Hill Cumorah and the Temple. You drive back behind the Temple to get to the Hill Cumorah memorial site. It is a beautiful view, but all I could think about was who risks their life each week to mow the lawn on the hill in front of it. Seriously the steepest hill of groomed grass I have EVER seen.
This is Joseph's first house. It was so small. In Joseph's room there were two double beds, three boys in each bed. Joseph was seventeen at the time. That would have been one squished bed! There was also a bible on their kitchen table that they studied and it struck me how naturally spiritual they were. They really were seeking rightousness and truth.
This would be my little angel in between activities. :)
Corn feild off of the church and Peter Whitmer's house.
Apple and pumpkin picking
That would be the same big bertha previously posted about.

Bennett literally ate about 7 apples that day. They were so good though.

Not much cuter than these last two...

Thanks so much Chad and Melissa! We had so much fun and can't wait until we get to visit with you guys again!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

This is where Brent grew up. He is dying to go back there in the fall. He misses fall in NY.

I'll be in the city in November. Maybe we could meet up?

Heather Teuscher said...

Look at your cute kiddos!!! I cannot believe how big they are!! I am so glad you had fun with Melissa and Chad, looks like a perfect fall trip. Love Palmyra, we will need to get out there one day. Miss you guys, we wish Sara and Jon were out here to entice to you visit England:)

Hayley said...

First off, I take back everything i ever said about bennett's lack of hair. he actually DOES have some in these pics! & what a handsome devil he is!

second of all...i really miss Mr C :( can you send him on a plane for a playdate with me, er, i mean avy?

when linc was donning the princess get-up, i couldn't help but think of christian.

i also love palmyra. so gorgeous & special.

last but not least, that sassy picture of ava is classic. she's getting so beautiful!

Jan'l said...

the kiddies are getting soooo big! Gee, I really miss you guys. It looks like you had such an awesome time. I love the fam photo in the corn field.
amazing photos Linds, you should become a professional... :) Loved them all!

Gramma Nancy said...

Love the pictures! It looks like you all had fun! I'm anxious to see the kids. Bennett is changing the most!

Hayley: Is Linc already old enough to play dress-up? He & Christian would be great friends! Where does the time go?????