Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Groove

Summer of 2010 was full of change. Mostly good, but mostly hard too.
But here we are trying to get into a new groove of life. New Jersey style.

The kids have felt the change for sure. I think everyday of summer Ava brought up something related to California or her friends. Usually something to the effect of, "When I am 7 (or 8) and we are back in California can/will we...(enter expectation here)?" Ava has been a total champ though. You'd think that starting Kindergarten is perfect, because everyone is new. Not so in Allendale. It's not a big town. People know you. You know, like CHEERS, where everybody knows YOUR name! (not quite, but still). She is making friends very easily, surprise, surprise! She even told me the other day, "Mom, I'm glad we moved to New Jersey, because I have lots of new friends and I like them." Phew! Thank goodness. I have been waiting 4 months to hear her say that!

Change has probably had the biggest toll on Christian. Things were all mixed up in his life and he just didn't know what to do about it. Thanks to the neighbors behind us, Christian now thinks we live in paradise. There is a little boy Ava's age and a girl Christian's age. The boys play together and the girls play together and Bennett follows along with whichever group he can. The girls are usually chanting, "we are girls!" to the boys while they play. If there is no rain, you can count on our kids being out together. It is fantastic. Thus I am happy to report that when this little man's life is in order he returns to his charming, lovable self! Bigtime phew on that one.

This kid is just pleased as punch to be anywhere his brother and sister are. Okay and probably mom and dad, too.

Ava and Christian, although they fight at times and one tries to manipulate the other every chance she gets, they really love each other and it makes me so happy.
With all the crazy change we've had, it is real nice to have these people around.

Pictures taken last April in California by Ivan and he did an awesome job! I highly suggest you give him a jingle if you're looking for fab pics that are easy on the pocketbook! You can see all that he did for us here.


Chelsea Anne said...

So cute! I miss you. I think we'd have good times if we were closer together, but now you're on the other side of the country! Looks like life is good though:) you're getting prettier and prettier too

Lindsy Hartsock said...

My kids are much younger but change really is hard. I love seeing pictures of your family. You guys are gorgeous. :)

Jan'l said...

Gorgeous pictos! I miss those little faces around here ;( I am much like Ava.. in a couple years when Linds comes back..I am missing you girl! I am glad your munchkins are adjusting and life is good in NJ. We Cali people can't wait to have you back in our lives though ;)

Erin said...

i LOVE them! he did a great job!