Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So Christian has had is way with the ladies for quite some time.  He has always had is eye on this particular lady.
The one on the right, that is.  Kidding, but not really.
(thanks for the pic that I stole, H :))
At our house, every time we are deciding who everyone will marry (which is often), Christian always ends up saying Avy.  Occasionally there are other girls mentioned up, such as Hayley (yes, that would be the mom pictured above) which is followed by explanations about how she is indeed already taken, then he settles on Avy.  Frankly, why wouldn't he, she's adorable.

(no, his hair was not round-brushed...I've got to do something about the poof!)

Well, the other day he came home from school and said,

"Mom, there is a girl in my class and she is beautiful!"

First of all, seriously???  Then I asked him why he thought she was beautiful.

"She has brown hair."

Now, again, seriously???  We have come to find a little more about this brown haired beauty.  Her name is Ashley.  Sometimes she wears a pink bow in her hair.  He smiles every time he talks about her. 

So, watch out Avy.  I don't think you've been pushed aside (I'm not about to let that happen) but someone is in your territory!


The Mostess said...

Yo, Avycakes...take that pink-bow wearing chickie down!!

Hayley said...

dear john,
i mean christian,
pink is for lame-heads. i wear a hot turquoise head band bow in my hair & the wind blows through my lovely red-a-licious locks. i'd like to see ashley look as stunning as me when the wind blows her way.
xo- avykins

& by the way, we have this book called "the best friends book" & the last page says something like, "best friends will still love you even if you're a million miles away" & after we read the book yesterday, avy said, "like me and christian b/c he moved across the country. but it's okay mom, he will be back." :) it was super sweet.

& i love the "round-brushed" comment! it made me laugh.

& 1 more comment, your street looks darling! how beautiful to have the leaves change colors right around your home!!!

we miss you!

Ashley said...

That boy is the cutest. I remember having a serious crush in preschool so I would take him seriously if I were you. I'm Team Avy though, so that dark-haired hussy better keep her paws off!

Grams and Papa Dan said...

You guys kill me!!! How funny! But I'm also on Avy's side. The girl might be boo-ti-ful but I'm sure she's not a beauty like Avy!