Tuesday, December 23, 2008

San Fran for Christmas

We've been trying to fit in some last Christmas festivities before it's too late. So we spent the day in the City, which was a lot of fun. We went down to the wharf first to see the sea lions, eat sour dough bread bowls and Ghiradelli sundaes...yum. Then we headed to Union Square to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. It was crazy and crowded, but a lot of fun.

You can't tell in the picture, but Macy's has a huge wreath in every window.
The beautiful Union Square Christmas Tree

Lastly, we found this gem of a Griswald house...I think they had to have multiple generators to run all this stuff. My kids were going nuts seeing this one.


Still no baby.

I was pretty confident the baby was coming this past Sunday morning. I had contractions all night. They even got to 3 minutes apart. I swear by the 3rd time around you should know what's going on. Well, about 3am came around and we were about to walk out the door to the hospital when they started slowing down. By 5am I was sleeping soundly. I had them occasionally throughout the day, then they stopped, major bummer to say the least. So now we are still waiting. Now I am just hoping to make it through the next 2 days without a baby...I'm jinxing myself I am sure. I do think he has gained a full pound in the last few days, I get bigger (and more uncomfortable) by the minute. Oh well, he'll come when he wants to :)


becky said...

good luck with these last few days! you have such a cute family...i'll be checking in for the update ;-)

Erin and James said...

hurray! I can't wait for him to come! Sweet house, my hubby is jealous that we don't get to see homes like that here!

Atwoods said...

so fun! i love sf christmas festivities!

can't wait for baby to grace us with his presence!

merry christmas,kearls!

Stephanie said...

Hey Lindsey! We are in Utah but I was wondering if you had your baby, so I looked through Lindsy's blog desperately searching for you. And yay! I found you, but as of a few days ago no baby. I hope you are having him today! OR yesterday. Good luck! We wanted to do San Francisco but we never got around to it...next year.

Alie said...