Tuesday, December 9, 2008


For the last few years Tyler and I have thrown mini gingerbread house contest parties. This year we stepped it up and invited 40 more people. After changing our backyard into a living room (Christmas tree and all) as well as a campsite and then likewise changing our living room to have prime gingerbread making conditions, not to mention a 3 minute Goodwill trip where the oh so UN-flattering on a pregnant body, 2XL, knit sweater was found...we were set.
Here is a run down of the festivities.
A few ugly Christmas sweaters...

complete with gold leggings...sweet!

The winning couple. His zip-up woman's sweater had the 12 days of Christmas and each day's accompanied item (i.e. turtle-doves). Way to shop for this one!

So after socialising over food, hot drinks and the cozy firepit, the real competition began...gingerbread houses! I have to admit, my pictures don't do justice. We have some creative friends. The bar is set, I'm pretty sure people will come with floor plans in hand next year.

The Kenney/Pickett Compound, complete with all resort amenities.

I loved the Parkes "house" or rather ark.

The clock tower

Way to be creative with a failing house Bennetts ;) I think it is awesome.

Quaint little house.

Pharris' campground was awesome...loved the little fire.
And the Leeflang's winning house. The details on the house were awesome, the fire with roasting marshmallow, the car parked in front, the stack of fire wood, it was great. I guess it wasn't a fair game, they've had a little more practice than the rest of us on their real house.

Three of the many pregnant women there. Erin is due the 28th and I'm the 29th. Alie, although you cannot even tell she is pregnant, is due a few weeks behind us. Fun little friends our boy will have.

We ended the night next to the fire. All in all it was so much fun. Thanks to all our fun friends for coming and making it great! On our smugmug site is some video of the sweet lighting decor that Ty did in our backyard.


Lindsy Hartsock said...

I didn't know you knew Brigham and Stephanie Rich. We LOVE them. Ben and Brigham were roommates and they have the cutest kids. Anyway, the party looked like a ton of fun and the Christmas sweaters were amazing. :)

cassi said...

Lindsey! You look awesome! I love it. What a fun party you guys threw!!

Erin and James said...

what a fun partY! and i looove your outfit! It rocks!

The Mostess said...

Your outfit was so bad it was good. You rocked that ugly ill-fitting sweater like nobody's business!

You did such a great job with your party--the time and effort was well worth it. The outside looked gorgeous with the lights and tree, the firepit was warm and toasty, and the food was delicious. Great job! I'm going to keep my eyes open all year for my next ugly sweater contender...

Lauren said...

How hot are you in your Christmas sweater and gold leggings?!!?! You never seem to disappoint! =)

Alie said...

LINDSEY! I LOVED LOVED your party- it was perfect.

Barbara said...

gold leggings? Lindsey you rock. Looks like a great party.

trent and kim said...

Fish! You looked amazing. I can't believe how perfect your Christmas sweater was. I also can't believe you are going to have your third baby soon! Your family is so cute. I keep blog stalking you, but forget to say hi, so HI!