Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So I have never been one for drugs, at least the illegal kind, but I have recently discovered that I am no better than any pot head out there!

So I became a little under the weather this weekend, or rather completely under the weather feeling quite confident the end was coming soon. So after numerous calls to the doctor it was determined that I had an infection. YIPEE...Let's fix it! So they give me medicines to help the infection and then tell me all the other things I should be doing to get rid of it, one of which is diet.

"Just make sure you stay away from diary products and anything with sugar (including fruit!!!) and artificial sweeteners." The list goes on, but my point can stop right there. No Sugar?? But, I was certain this couldn't be too bad...I was wrong!

I wasn't ever one to say, yet alone follow through with the idea of not eating sugar or candy for a year, a month, or even a day! And now here I am being faced with a crucial decision every time I walk into the kitchen...pain or sugar? Believe it or not the pain has actually winning. Besides a few swigs of cranberry juice I have been clean for 2 days now!

In result...I don't eat! (well, I eat, just not much...maybe a good thing) I cannot find anything appetising to me. I am actually okay with lunch and dinner, because I can have veggies, meat and rice or something, but breakfast is the worst. Who wants a bowl of oatmeal without the brown sugar?

So there you have it, I have admitted my addiction and I am having withdrawals! I am realizing even though a lot of the foods I can't eat are good for you, a lot of them are not so good for you. So when this is over (hopefully a week or so) I am hoping this cold turkey approach will at least help me modify my sugar intake!

A few questions:

When does the shaking stop? Which day in the quitting process does it start getting easier? And better yet, does anyone know of any "treats" without sugar (or artificial sweetener)?


Chelsea Anne said...

Artifical sweetner is the kicker, but my favorite snack is peanut butter toast. It's great for breakfast too. I bet that the natural Addams kind has next to no sugar.

Lindsey Lee said...

Linds, maybe i need an infection...i think that is the ONLY thing that could get me off sugar. I also face that addiction. However, I put splenda in my oatmeal and i think it tastes great. what kind of infection do you have? Are you lactose intolerant? I wish you the best...just think of how healthy you will be!

Haley said...

Bless your heart. I feel for you.. No sugar? Shoot me.