Monday, March 26, 2007

Intramurals are BACK!!

Oh how we have missed the days of intramural soccer games! Oh, but no one fret...they are back! Tyler and Jon got into a league in Palo Alto and they have games every Friday night. They are thrilled, mostly because it is a chance for a much needed break from their cubicals to get some exersize, and it's soccer...what better way (although Ty's Sat. morning ultimate frisbee comes in a fairly close second).
So since the weather has been beautiful, I packed up the kids and headed to P.A. for their game. Ava LOVED to watch her daddy and uncle Gog play, even though she persistantly insisted that it was her turn to kick the ball into the net! Anyway, the boys played great...even for the old men they are turning into, and their team won!
After the game we headed to Wahoo's Fish Tacos and Christian was crying and crying and I couldn't figure out why...he eventually settled down and I found him like this...

So he is still a little small for this hat! But doesn't he look cute!

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Barbara Catron said...

lol, that EXACT thing happend to me with the whole hat in the face. I felt so bad when I finally went back there to see what was wrong, but I couldnt help but laugh too.