Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'm Back!

So, by the frequency of my postings I think it may be a little obvious that my life is currently in chaos. Between the sleepless nights, and therefore sleep-filled days, a 2 year old, whose little mind seemed to have sensed her recent birthday and changed her actions accordingly, not to mention the unconditional love that she gives to her brother by steeling his pacifier 20 times a day (to take puffs in the corner before she returns to shove it resentlessly into his mouth) and last but not least my innocent, handsome little boy who does nothing wrong...except, of course cry!

THIS IS MY CURRENT STATE!!! (Yes, fetal position)

Oh don't worry I am only kidding, and I am not depressed! I am actually loving having the 2 kids. My life has just changed so dramatically I haven't gotten into a routine enough to actually sit at my computer daily, which is killing me! But don't worry I am jumping back! I went out on my own with 2 kids today...no help! It is a day for improvements!

So my darling little kids...

Ava had her second birthday on the 1st of March. She was hilarious! You've never seen someone get so excited about a doll and stroller that she already has a ton of. But, her new baby comes everywhere with her! She loves it. When she first saw it she ran around in circles screaming!

Notice Ava's baby in her chair with her, ready to eat cake!

We take pics of Ava in my wedding dress on her birthday each year, so here is one of them.

I loved this picture of the both of them!

At this point in the game Ava had already chunked right up (and it's been downhill ever since). But Christian is still so small! It is so fun to see his skinny little bird legs!

So what do you think...me or Ty? As always, more cute pics at smugmug.


Natalie said...

Oh Linds...you're a busy busy girl these days. I don't know how you do that! Christian is so precious! I can't believe Ava's birthday was last week on top of the new baby...crazy! You seem to be doing fabulous, good luck with everything. Love you!

Lindsey Lee said...

I think Christian is all you Linds. He is a darn cute little boy! and Happy Birthday Ava! She looks like she had a great 2nd bday! Good luck with the 2 kiddies Linds...you are a great mom and im sure you will adjust in no time!

Chelsea Anne said...

I think definately you too--how fun that you get one of your own. I'm still 0 for 2. I am sure that the hang of 2 will come soon enough. If only the sleep right? It would make all the difference.

Chelsea Anne said...

I forgot to mention that he has great skin! Completely jealous of the tan--or so it looks.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Oh you aren't giving me much hope for the upcoming second kid! Unfortuatley, your fetal position is what I'm in now! I'm not sure what I got myself into having a second but it will be an adventure. I look forward to reading about Ava's adjustment to being an older sister. She is darling and hope she had a happy birthday. And Christian is a doll. Don't you love having a boy?