Saturday, March 31, 2007

4 for 4

Four days...four large, noticable bruises/scratches on Ava's face! Heaven forbid we let one day go by without receiving a new "mark". The picture above doesn't do even partial justice to the marks. It started with the scratch on the cheek that she miraculously woke up with...I swear I cut her nails every 5 minutes! Next came the bruise/goose egg on her right side of her forehead, which happened by slamming her head against the hardwood floor while playing under her puzzle mat and singing her ABC's...seriously? Day three wasn't complete until she came crying to me saying "bonk a head", which explains her left bruise on the forehead. We can only imagine how it happened. I was feeling good about day four until we were headed towards her bed for naptime and those darn "bumps" on the floor popped up and tripped her, making her fall directly into her toddler bed...eye first, giving her a bruised left eye!

Ty started to wonder about my excuses once day four came. "Just don't tell me tomorrow that she fell down the stairs"...we don't have stairs! Lucky for me day five was a success!


Chelsea Anne said...

Don't feel too bad. Jesse's shins are constantly covered in bruises--I have no idea how he does it.

Lindsey Lee said...

Try having a destructive little boy. A day doesn't go by without an bruise or scratch!

shannon said...

Linds! You have KIDS! As in, plural! Congrats! I miss your mom SO much! I am totally out of the loop now! Your family is DARLING!