Thursday, September 1, 2011


We took a week off from life and headed down to Outer Banks, North Carolina to rent a house with friends for a week.  Little did we know Hurricane Irene was headed our way, but not before the house got shaken up by the earthquake.
So we got to the beach quick to do a little surfing...wait for it, wait for it...
 Christian could ride the tiniest wave forever...I guess it helps to weigh 35 lbs...go figure.
 If we weren't at the beach then the kids were in the pool.
 The boys did some deep sea fishing...check out the massive fish they caught...

 We did very few things other than play at the beach.  It was awesome.

 Ava had so much fun playing with Jenna.  Jenna is autistic, so their "play" is different than Ava's other friends.  Ava adores her.  She would follow Jenna around waiting for her to want to play with her for a few minutes. 
 They were cute together.  I was so proud of Ava.  She was a really good friend and so was Jenna.

 Ryan and Jenna, my two adorable pregnant friends.

 The kids did this for hours.  At least until most of them had been stung by jelly fish.

 Let me have bennett tell you how he felt about the beach...
 Yes, he liked it.

So, by mid week they started ordering evacuations due to the hurricane.  Much to my dismay, we still hung around until Friday (looking back, it was worth it, but at the time I had total anxiety).  Tyler and Bennett walked along a completely empty beach Friday morning before we left.  Irene hit OBX late Friday early Saturday, then she slowly followed our path to our house.  But THAT is for another post!

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Ashley said...

First and most importantly, you are HOT! You are so skinny and tan. You look fantastic!

Second, it's so funny to see Bennett playing around like a big kid, doing poses, etc. He will always be a baby in my mind since he was so little when you moved.

Good for Ava for being such a good friend! You should be a proud mom.