Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Description

Our summer can pretty much be described by two things.
The lake.
The Shutes.

I may have mentioned our lake before :)  The lake is an AMAZING part of NJ.  It has the beach.  It has diving boards- high, low and medium (which now even my 2 year old will jump off all three).  It has shallow water for my kids to play safely in and deeper water for them to become awesome swimmers in.  It has docks for them to jump off of.  It is has gorgeous scenery.  It is 2 minutes from our house.  And it always has friends there to play with.  In this case, it wasn't just any friends, it was the Shutes.  Who, despite living directly behind us and spending every waking hour that we allow them together, still make even the lake more fun. 

 We pretty much head to the lake every Saturday after the house chores.  Daddy ends up throwing at least one of the kids around, in this case, Ava.

Bless you Crestwood Lake.  Bless you.  May Labor Day stay far, far away.

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Ashley said...

That lake sounds glorious. Christian is so tan! I envy your lake and Christian's tan.