Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 So, it's September.  Summer had to end.  It was such a good one.  School started up.  Ava is gone.  Like, 8:30-3 gone.  She had a play date last week and was gone until 5.  I fed her, chatted with her, read with her, then squeezed her and she was off to sleep, just to wake up and be gone again.  She loves it, of course.  I have really enjoyed just being with the boys, but I miss her.
The few days before school got quite crazy with the hurricane clean up and what not, but we were able to squeeze in a tradition that we decided to start this year.  Yes, we stole this tradition from NieNie.  But, I'm sorry, how can I not copy such a great tradition.  It totally puts the focus off of the new clothes and backpack and on to how to be better.  The back to school feast!  The main part of the tradition that I love is giving your family a theme for the year.  We settled on this:
 It seemed very applicable since we had spent the last two days serving.  Plus, we really hope that our kids will learn to serve, both small and large.  We hope that they learn to look for those in need, on the playground or in class and choose to help them, because by doing so they are also serving God.  So we talked about this and now every night we talk about what we did for someone that day.  In my ambitious spirit I thought I would embroider each theme on a quilt square each year, then when they graduate I would have a quilt to send away with them...I hope I do this.  I like the idea :)
So I made them each a crown to let them know how special they were and how important their new "roles" in the family were going to be.

 The crowns were most definitely a hit.  (No Bennett doesn't have something on his nose- just another scrape...have you ever seen him without?)
 Now here is Ava's first day of school.  She was thrilled about her new shoes mainly.  I was thrilled that we both liked the same pair of jeans, her because they are comfortable leggings, me because they don't show the girl's crack...thank you GAP.

 It rained the entire first week of school.  It was a real downer.
 Here are both of their true feelings...
We miss you at home Ava.  But we know you are such an awesome first grader!

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Grammy and Papa Dan said...

What a fun tradition to start! Hard to believe Ava is big enough to start 1st grade. She'll be off to college before you know it! I'm glad she loves it. She is a kind, sweet young lady. There couldn't be a better theme for her this year!