Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everyone loves a good birth story...

It was Saturday, Sept. 1.  Labor Day weekend.  I had been to the dr 2 days earlier and had come to the conclusion that this baby was NOT coming before I would be induced on Sept 4.  So, after I got over the initial depression of 4 more days of pregnancy I was resolute on having a fabulous holiday weekend with current family of 5.  So, like any good Saturday we worked around the house trying to finish up the master bath, then set out to meet friends at the lake.  We decided to make it the real-deal party and stop at the A&P to load a cooler full of drinks and treats...and load it we did.  After the pit stop we made it to the lake around 4pm.  Let the party begin!
We set up our beach chairs and umbrella, got the kids covered in sunscreen and sent them for the water.  We got all our things settled and were just waiting for friends to arrive.

So I sat down on my chair to wait.  Literally as I sat water broke.  I turned to Tyler to tell him the news only to have him respond, "Are you sure?  Well, do you think I could swim for an hour or so?"  He insisted I go to the bathroom to be sure.  Luckily for me I was at the lake and it was normal to have fluid dripping down your legs, just not the same kind of fluid.  I digress.
So once it was established that indeed my water broke and no, Tyler was not staying to swim for an hour we let our kids know that mommy was going to have the baby.  They (Ava) then let the rest of the people at the lake know that my water broke and I was heading to have the baby.  Our friends showed up just in time to watch the kids at the lake then take them home for a sleepover.
So we showered and headed to the hospital.  I wasn't even having consistent contractions so I had no idea how long I was in for.  We got to the hospital around 5:45-6pm.  We got checked in and put into our room (which happened to be the same room Katherine Zeta-Jones delivered in...or so they tell us.)  I started walking to get contractions going.  They finally check me and I was a 4-5.  I decided I wanted to get an epidural so my nurse went to get me in line.  She came back and told me that the anesthesiologist just went into an emergency c-section and wouldn't be done for an hour and a half.  My contractions were already 2.5 min apart.  So I was not okay with that news.  But she said my doc was coming in 45 min and he can usually pull more stings that she can to get another doc to give me an epidural.  So I labor away, emphasis on LABOR.  They check me and I'm a 7.  I think I might die at this point.  I can't face the fact that I will likely not be getting an epidural.  But alas, my doc arrives and heads out into the hall, works his magic and in comes a lady wheeling a cart fill with drugs for me.  I was thrilled.  Who knows if he had pulled her right off the street, but I didn't care.  She dosed me up.  I'd like to say it was wonderful but before it had even kicked in they checked me and I was just about ready to push.  So it never completely took but taking off the edge was delightful.  This sweet baby was posterior...OUCH!  Oh, the back labor with a posterior baby.  But, three quick pushes, with her first haircut in between and out came
Hazel Anne Kearl

 Our chunky girl was 8 lbs. 4 oz and 22 inches (which we think was slightly off since she was only 21 inches at her 2 week appt??? :/ )

 The hair, oh the hair.  They told me in my 33 week ultrasound that this baby had hair but I never would have believed she'd have this much.  It is honestly an inch and a half and completely out of control!

 Her siblings are all in love with her.  Ava would love it if I weren't around and she had Hazel all to herself!
 Christian is so sweet with her.  He LOVES to feed her her bottle.

 I think we will have 2 blue eyed boys and 2 brown eyed girls.  We'll see though!
 We think miss Hazel is absolutely perfect in every way!
 Wow, a family of SIX.  Yikes!


erin said...

Congrats! Your kids look so grown up!! Miss you!

Ashley said...

What do you mean "with her first hair cut in between" pushes? Was that a joke or some sort of heinous procedure? I'm alarmed!

She really is so darling, which makes sense because you look gorgeous in all these! I need to find a way to get awesomely tan before I deliver in February. Please keep us (me) posted on the adjustment to four--especially if it goes well! I need to hear it! Have Tyler make you a ziti on my behalf.

Laura Earl said...

Fish!! Such a fun story. And you look amazing by the way. Hazel is such a doll! Congrats family of SIX ;)

Hayley said...

she is perfect! what a beautiful family you kearls are. i love how tyler asked if he could get an hour of swimming in! HA! classic. so something my tyler would say too.
i'm still holding out on our christian/avy arrangement...everytime i see a picture of that man, he gets even more & more handsome, if that's even possible!
hope you're all adjusting well. congrats! xoxoxo!

Lindsey said...

Ashley- yes, literally a haircut. The doc hand me a piece of gauze with an inch long piece of hair on it...very strange. Tyler would hardly even hold the gauze. And as for's been the easiest transition yet. Seriously. Granted my kids are slightly older than yours. I was super worried with school starting just days after I had her but it's been so great. I guess at this point it's just what's one more?
Hayley, I'm not going to lie,it's not just the pictures Christian really does get cuter and cuter. And he still has his super sweet side too. So game on with the arrangement :)

MayteZP said...

Lindsey, me ha encantado leer tu historia del parto y de lo cariñosos que son los niños con Hazel :-)
Ella es preciosa!!!
Y te entiendo cuando dices, una familia de seis :-)
Yo estoy en las mismas condiciones, 1 una niña y 3 niños pero aunque sea mucho trabajo, el amor que nos dan ellos y nosotros sentimos por nuestros hijos. No tiene precio!!
Felicidades a Ty y a ti por esos 4 hijos preciosos.
Muchos besos

Grammy and Papa Dan said...

So glad you're back to blogging. She's a beauty! And the kids are so cute with her. Fun times ahead!

Rebecca said...

So happy to read about your cute little family and the new addition. She's so cute, just like the other three. You have a beautiful family! Hope all is going well. I think about you often.

Lindsey said...

How fun! What a beautiful baby and family. You look great Linds!

Heather said...

Hi Lindsey! Thanks for sharing your story! I'm Heather and I was hoping you could answer my question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)