Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now THIS is ART!

Ava's artistic abilities are really shining through lately. Not only does she ask to draw ALL-THE-TIME, but she comes up with some great wall art. Following each depiction of a family member, and a promise to give/mail it to them she continuously questions whether or not it is hanging on their fridge. So, jon, sara and "baby" is this hanging yet???



Atwoods said...

i'm guessing jon is eating a cookie with his massive tooth collection?

Sara said...

I like the little mystery knob on top of Jon's head. Please tell Ava thank you for my massively long eyelashes.

PS. I hope my real baby has arms.

Kearl said...

I love all of their teeth.

Stephanie said...

That is really hilarious!

cassi said...

How are you guys?

What a cute little artist Ava is! I hope that one is framed! And I hope that Jon and Sara's baby doesn't inherit their beautiful large teeth :) That's my favorite part.