Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Me: "Oh crap!"

Ava: "Mom, why is the police man stopping us?"

me: "Uh, mommy did something wrong."

Ava: "Is that why you said 'oh crap'?"

me: "yeah, i shouldn't have said that, huh."

Ava: "What did you do wrong, mommy?"

me: "I was talking on the phone while I was driving."

Ava: "But mom, you always do that."

me: "yeah, let's not mention that."

Ava: "okay. Next time he comes is he going to take you to jail?"

me: "Likely."


Kara said...

Nice! I swear you could write a book full of all the hilarious things that Ava says. I think that conversation made my day.

Kearl said...

Ha. Ha. Love that. Today Noah said, "Holy Crap" when I put him in timeout. Better be careful or you'll get a potty mouth like ours.

whitney said...

i love it. did you get a ticket?

kim huish said...

That is so funny!